Sex Pistols Video Responses / by Peter Coyle

Last year I played videos at the beginning of class as a way to encourage students to come to class on time.  The videos were 2-3 minutes in length and covered a variety of topics.  Students would fill out a reflection worksheet, and this would count towards their grade.  I just found some of the responses while cleaning out some old folders from last year.

I liked the fact that instead of the regular rapping and singing he was screaming.  I feel the same way he do.

They is a mess.  He got pimples on TV!

I did not like the lyrics I could hear, or they haircuts, or that he say he the devil.

I did not like the name of the group.

I liked the name of the band.

The song made no sense, they seem crazy.

I liked the girl in the beehive hair and the Nazi outfit.

The lead singer is so ugly.

Why they look so dirty?

I like how loud they were.

I can't understand the lyrics, and the drummer was off beat a lot.

I liked that they tried to pursue the audience.

They singing a song about attacking people.