Dog Days / by Peter Coyle

The dog days are over The horses are coming, so you better run.

The BP rig disaster in the Gulf is insane. I feel as though I am watching the decline and fall of the American Empire. Corporations control our lives under the thin illusion of democracy. We are in the worst America of my lifetime.

I became politically aware in the late 80's. Ronald Reagan was running a hot war against communism in South America, and no one seemed interested in hearing it.

I find it amazing that Reagan ran a secret illegal government under our noses. What is more amazing is Bush and Obama running an illegal government right in our face. Wallstreet has publicly owned both administrations and Bush's most horrible policies have been embraced and expanded by Obama. When I bring this up to most people they look at me stunned. They have either never thought about the impact of Obama's policies, or they are convinced that McCain would have been even worse. Even worse than the Bush administration.

Obama's term has already been devastating, and I don't think we have the political will to change it.

I'm trying a new strategy for surviving emotionally in America. I have decided to just live in the wreckage.